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Developing Kingdom Character - Salt your relationships
January 12, 2016

What is your favourite spice? As a child growing up I was always amazed how my Dad prepared his plate of food before eating.  Before even tasting the food, he would grab the salt shaker and shake away an incredible amount of salt.  He loved it.  In the past number of years I have been trying to eat healthier, including a reduction of salt.  But there are times when adding salt is simply unavoidable.  Perogies and gravy without salt is bland so I add a moderate amount of salt and the flavour of the meal is amplified and augmented exponentially.  I would never say, “That was simply awesome salt!”  But it is salt that brings out the flavour of perogies and farmer sausage. 

In the same way followers of Jesus are like salt (Matthew 5:13-16), bringing out the flavour of small groups, worship, fellowship gatherings, etc.  If we are salt, people won't go away saying, "That person was really awesome.”  They will say, "What a great group." "What fantastic worship!"  Followers of Jesus help you feel better about life, increasing hope, joy, perseverance, etc.  As far as believers remain connected to the vine, drawing true life and nutrients from God (John 15), they will augment their influence in relationships in positive and encouraging ways.

What specific behaviors mark the life-style of a salty Christian?  To whom in your neighborhood, family, or workplace can you be salt this week?  How can you be salt to the people God has placed in your life?



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