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Renewal of Relationships
March 8, 2016

Most relationships require a certain degree of renewal and recommitment.  Whether or not we do so literally, at some level we say “yes” when relationships, i.e. friendships, marriages, business partnerships, etc. are put to the test.  We say “yes” the relationship is worth working for. 

During the season of lent we get to renew our relationship with Jesus Christ as we prepare to celebrate his resurrection at Easter.  I have been reminded of the extravagant father who had two sons (Luke 15:11-13).  The one son demanded his inheritance, squandered it and then came back.  The extravagant father was watching for him, taking the initiative to restore the relationship, reinstating him as a full heir of the family.  The righteous son, on the other hand, who had always done everything right, felt jilted that he had never received that recognition.  The extravagant father invited him in to celebrate the one who was lost but now had been found. 

There the story ends.  We are not told how the older son responded.  In a sense, you and I complete the story.  Do we ignore our need for grace and mercy or are we willing to receive the grace and acceptance of the extravagant heavenly Father?  Will you renew your relationship with Him?  Everyone is invited to come, receive forgiveness and be restored.



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