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Benefits of Acquittal
April 26, 2016

On a Sunny day in August, while farming with my 72-year-old Dad, I was caught driving under the legal age limit.  I was guilty and admitted it to the RCMP officer.  On the prescribed date my Dad and I appeared before a judge in my hometown to face my charge.  There was no question of my guilt and the judge reminded me of it.  However, that day the judge had compassion on our circumstances on the farm and exercised mercy, justifying me of my wrong doing.  Of course I was guilty but he acquitted me of all charges, relieving me of my penalty, declaring me not guilty; releasing me without punishment.  The theological term for this is justification.    

That is what God did for us.  We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  There is nothing we can do to change that fact (Romans 3:23).  But by believing in Jesus and his payment for our wrong we are justified, acquitted, relieved of all our charges, being declared innocent.  Since Jesus took our penalty on the cross so we may be released from the penalty of our sin.   All we need to do is believe and to reap the blessings of salvation: peace with God, no condemnation, joy, hope, access to the throne of God to find mercy and peace, and eternal life.  We regain the key ingredient that makes our lives secure and significant, a relationship with God.  It all comes to those who believe.  The benefits of salvation greatly exceed any joy or pleasure the world has to offer.  So what is holding you back from exercising faith and trust in God?



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