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Strength in Harness
August 23, 2016

“Gentleness", aka meekness, has its origin in God and is developed through the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.  Gentleness is power and strength under control.  It is akin to the power exerted by the thrusters of a rocket that propels it into orbit.  Without focus it would be incredibly devastating but harnessed and directed it performs an amazing feat.  Gentleness is a mark of a follower of Jesus.  Jesus demonstrated gentleness when he, Creator, Messiah, King of Kings, rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey and gave up his life for the sins for the world out of His own free will.  Believers are asked to follow His example.  Only strong people can be gentle people; people who are confident in the power of God working in their lives.

We demonstrate gentleness by living the way Jesus lived: not demanding our rights, repaying the inconsideration of others with kindness, doing chores and tasks that are consistently left undone because they are mediocre, giving up parking spots near the door for the convenience of others, being friends with those who are unable to repay your kindness. 

Patrick Greene of San Antonio, Texas, has had a long history of disliking and combating Christians. At one point Greene, an outspoken local atheist, threatened to sue Henderson County about the yearly manger display at the courthouse. "My wife and I had never had a Christian do anything nice for us," Greene said in a local newspaper interview.

But all of that changed in March of 2012 when the 63-year-old Greene learned that he needed surgery for a detached retina. Greene didn't have money to pay for the surgery, and he had to give up his cab driving job. When Jessica Crye, a member of Sand Springs Baptist Church, heard about Greene's situation, she told her pastor, Eric Graham, who then called Greene. Greene said, "If you really want to contribute something, we need groceries."

Greene thought that if anything, he'd see $50, or at most $100. But a few days later, the church sent a check for $400. More checks soon followed. The flabbergasted Greene said, "I thought I was in the Twilight Zone. These people are acting like what the Bible says a Christian does."

Now, rather than try to remove the manger display, Greene said he would like to add his contribution—a star for the top of the Nativity scene. However, Greene added, "You people can figure out how to plug it in."[1]+

Where have you had opportunity to practice gentleness today?  This week?  What are the steps you can take to further develop your gentleness muscles?


[1] Matt Woodley, managing editor, PreachingToday.com; source: Rich Flowers, "Atheist 'flabbergasted' by Christians' assistance," Athens Review (3-20-12)


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