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September 29, 2016

As a faith community we get to engage in different conversations that are relevant to our community and society around us.  For this reason in our current sermon series, “Project Hazmat”, we are engaging in some more difficult conversations.  One of these is singleness.  In Genesis 1 God created Adam and Eve to complete and compliment one another.  Together they had the mandate to exercise authority over creation.  Based on Genesis 1 Jesus taught that the marriage of a husband and a wife was a covenant relationship and what God has joined together no one should separate (Matthew 19:6). 

So if this was the mandate for humankind, how does singleness fit in?  It seems scripture assumes that singleness will happen and it does not commiserate the fact.  It assumes that people can and will live full lives outside of marriage.  It is an option for those who are able (Matthew 19:12).  Paul wrote to the Corinthians it is not wrong to get married (1 Corinthians 7:6-9).  Really?  Not wrong?  I always thought marriage was a good thing. 

So, in a world that is so focused on couples, singleness has its own potential challenges; loneliness; doing things alone like grocery shopping, watching movies, attending weddings, eating meals.  Some singles will go for months without any physical touch like a hug.  Some struggle with who will look after them in their old age. 

What are some of your experiences as a single person or interaction with single people?  How can we as a faith community minister to each other in spite of our married or unmarried status?  What would be helpful?



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