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Prayer - A Simple Conversation
January 10, 2017

Have you ever realized how a simple conversation can lessen a lot of confusion and misunderstanding?  A few years ago, many years actually, we were moving to another province and my brother and his wife were delivering our household goods with a half-ton and u-haul.  Well before the cell phone age, we had the forethought to each install Citizen Band radios in our vehicles.  So we are driving along, talking over the radio, trying to decide where to stop for the night but we were not reaching any conclusions.  Communication was disrupted by radio static, indecision, miles were slipping by and we might be getting further away from a coveted place to sleep.  We finally decided to pull over and have a simple, face-to-face conversation.  In a few minutes we had reached a decision.  Interesting how a simple conversation helped the process.

Actually, that is how prayer works as well.  There are all kinds of prayer disruptions in our lives: skepticism, prosperity, time pressures, waiting for the perfect conditions etc.  All the while God waits and longs for us to simply talk to him; person to person; face to face.  We don’t have to be in an ideal situation: quiet, alone, uninterrupted, sinless, etc.  These are all good but the fact is that we can come as we are with warts, hurts, mistakes and yes, even sinfulness.  We can actually have conversations driving in rush hour, changing a diaper or a dressing.  If we don’t know what to say, we can ask God what He wants to talk about; just a simple conversation, friend to friend.  You can talk to God about whatever comes to mind; a simple one-on-one conversation.

Ann Musico, in a Today's Christian Woman article,  "Heart to Heart" tell about praying with her 5-year-old son as he accepted Jesus into his life. She carefully explained that Jesus now lived in his heart.  Several days later, he was sitting at the table with his head down, holding open the neck of his T-shirt, speaking very quietly. Ann asked what he was doing and he told her, "Just talking to Jesus."  I think he got it.

How have you enjoyed having conversations with God?  What do you talk about with Him?  He is waiting for you to talk to Him.  You can come as you are.


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