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Purpose for Power
April 25, 2017

There are those who seek power for self-advancement, self-indulgence, autonomy and independence.  Some want power for the ability to do what they want to do in life without accountability.  They believe that powerful people can do whatever they want to do, act like they want to act because they are not dependent on anyone else for validation and acceptance.  People tend to feel more comfortable when they have the power to control their own destiny.  The reality is that seeking and pursuing power actually leaves a person empty, unfulfilled and invalidated. 

When Jesus promised his followers power in Acts 1:8, it was not for self-indulgence, autonomy and selfish gain but for the good of others.  Jesus himself emptied himself of power and authority for the sake of saving people.  He gave up his life for the sake of the lost.  Jesus promised power to his followers for the sake of reaching out to all nations with a message of life and hope.  His followers would be witnesses and messengers regarding his life, death, resurrection and his return to the Father.  They would have the power of the Holy Spirit to take the good news to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.  The purpose for power was service.

What influence and power are you seeking?  Are you finding your search fulfilling and rewarding?  Maybe it is time to surrender your pursuit for power to Jesus Christ, and in turn receive real power of influence for the good of other people.  If you have questions or comments regarding this power, feel free to leave a message or contact me through this website.


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