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World Rocked by God
June 20, 2017

The following story by Ernie Reno appeared in a 2011 edition of the Indianapolis Star. The title read: "Small gesture on busy street alters view of police." [1] 

While walking back to the office after lunch, I noticed two burly Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers outside Circle Centre mall. Between them, sprawled on the hood of one of the patrol cars, his arms at his sides, was a shabbily dressed man in his late 50s. He was weak and shivering; next to him on the asphalt appeared to be his worldly possessions.  The older of the two officers was stooped over in front of the man. His partner stood watching intently.

My initial take was that the older officer was frisking the man. Five steps closer, my cynicism turned to amazement. The officer wasn't patting the man down; he was bent over tying the man's boot laces because the [homeless man] was in such bad shape he couldn't do it himself. As the officer put one dirty boot on his own pant leg and then another, his young partner softly talked to the man, trying to determine what kind of help he needed.

In Acts 10 Peter the Rock was shaken when he fell into a trance and saw sheet being lowered containing all kinds of four-footed animals as well as reptiles and birds.  When God told Peter to kill and eat Peter replied, “Surely not, Lord!  I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.”  God replied, “Do not call anything impure that Goad has made clean.”

Peter's dream was totally unexpected and unprecedented.  His predictable world was rocked by God’s call to reach out to Gentiles.  How does God deal with us in surprising ways?  Where have we allowed our prejudices to become barriers to neighbours, ministry opportunities and acts of kindness?  What are some reasons we reject or avoid certain people?  How can you become more open-minded toward others?  What new relationships can you ask God to bring into your life this week?


[1] Ernie Reno, "Small gesture on busy street alters view of police,' Indianapolis Star (2-24-11)


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