Birthdays are very special.    So many people have told me that their day of celebration is not special or worth celebrating.    I beg to differ.    And here is the reason why.    Many years ago when we lived in Thunder Bay I was feeling particularly upset about my birthday not being celebrated or acknowledged as I'd expected or anticipated.    I decided I'd go take myself out for supper to the Zellers cafe.  As I sat there I used the paper place mat to figure out what the big deal was and why I was worth celebrating.    And then I read Psalm 139.  Verses 13 ~17.  Incredible!!    I was fearfully and wonderfully made, in my mother's womb.  All the days ordained for me were already planned.   Imagine my joy, at realizing that God says His thoughts of me, are precious.    SO go ahead, Celebrate your Birthday!!  Celebrate with JOY!!!

    Patsi S

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