The Potter

    The them of ‘The Grand Designer-The Hand of God’ of this past worship service at SVEMC was well presented with a potter skillfully turning clay into beautiful vessels. The rest of us, without her skills, used Plasticine to form pots, bowls and creatures of all shapes and sizes.

    Chrysostom, in Homilies on the Acts of the Apostles 4, says ‘Wherever the Holy Spirit is present, people of clay are changed into people of gold’.

    The little wobbly bowl I made, much like my ‘wobbly’ life, was nothing compared to the potter’s works of art. The Holy Spirit is Who makes our lives ‘gold’. No matter how ugly, cracked or shattered our lives may be the Holy Spirit is Who transforms us.

    I didn’t keep the Plasticine bowl I made, thinking it was too flawed and ugly but God never rejects us or stops working us into gold.

    Verna R

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