Steven James writes in his Book of Prayers,

                                  ‘the trees on the edge of the forest

                                  Lean their branches toward the light.

                                  And the only time I grow strong

                                  Is when I do the same.’

    In this season of lights twinkling on every street and tree it’s a good reminder to lean toward the light of God. Sometimes that is all we have the strength to do is to ‘lean’ towards the light. Times when our circumstances weigh us down and it’s hard to see one foot ahead of us.  At other times, we can joyously ‘dance’ the Light of Son; when our feelings match our knowledge of God.

    The media has given us a false sense of what Christmas should be like; happy family relationships, peaceful evenings by the fire, friends surrounding us with love, fun times and perfectly laid tables and yet Christmas can highlight loneliness, dysfunctional family life, ill health, poverty and hunger. Hiding our sadness can make us lonely in the midst of the jingle bells.

    ‘Leaning toward the Light’ brings a sense of peace despite circumstances and rest in knowing God can carry our pain. Give in to God’s strength, and feel the warmth of His Light.

    Verna R

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