Do You Know Jesus?

    My dad turned 94 a few weeks ago.  He is a man who loves the Lord Jesus and is never afraid to ask anyone if they know Jesus.  A long time ago (62 years!!) he asked me if I was ready to commit my life to Christ.    

    When I was 5 years old, my dad, mom, brother Dawson & I were at a camp in Northern Ontario.  Eagle Lake Bible Camp.  My dad had worked in the lumber mills in and around Vermilion Bay and had become a part of the church community of that area.  

    I recall vividly the evening my dad knelt down with me in the cabin.  To pray.  To ask Jesus into my heart.  I can see it clear as day in my mind's eye.  Dad has had an integral part in my walk with Jesus.  I am so grateful.  

    The man is not perfect.  But he is my dad and I have come to trust that what God's word says about honouring our parents, respecting & being thankful for the family I am a part of, is integral.  Psalm 139 states that the Father of all Creation, the Master Designer saw me being formed in my mother's womb.  He was intrinsically present.  It's an amazing reality.    

    Over the years, there are many situations where gratitude, honour and respect have been challenged in me.  In my relationship with my dad.  But time & time again, the Holy Spirit has brought conviction and correction in my attitudes, my perspectives, my actions, my words.  And then, repentance.  And a re calibrating.   

    So today, I say Thanks be to God, for all that He has done.  I pray a blessing over my dad and ask the Lord Jesus to continue to use him to further the Kingdom of God.  To continue to ask the fast food lady, the grand & great grand kids, the gas attendant, the neighbours, the Smitty's server "Do you know Jesus?"    

    Patsi S

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